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by Tank
Mon Nov 07, 2022 2:03 pm
Forum: Body & Interior
Topic: Dangers of Bed Liner Material
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Re: Dangers of Bed Liner Material

John, Sounds like fun! I'm into a similar project and would love to hear updates on yours. My adventure began with servicing my lockers. The tube that connects the reservoir to the system bled out, which led to cleaning up brake fluid in the air tunnel and floorboards... And now rust in those areas....
by Tank
Tue Oct 18, 2022 2:36 pm
Forum: Drivetrain
Topic: Stuck oil fill plug
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Re: Stuck oil fill plug

Just ran into this situation myself on my rear differential control plug... Tried many "tricks," but what worked for me was about 24 hrs of liquid wrench, some heat from a torch, then rotational pressure from a punch and hammer. I drilled a shallow hole on the outer rim or the plug at the ...
by Tank
Thu Feb 25, 2021 4:23 pm
Forum: Engine
Topic: Good carburetor article
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Re: Good carburetor article


I know you posted a few years ago, but I'm looking for whatever I can find on the subject. When I follow the links you provided, it asks for username/password. If you still have access, would you mind doing a little copy paste job onto this thread? Thanks!
-Guy with poorly running 710K :(