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by 2013cossj
Sat Sep 24, 2022 7:22 am
Forum: Electrical
Topic: BN4 heater fuse
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BN4 heater fuse

Can anybody tell me what type and amp rating is the inline fuse for the heater?
This is the fuse for main power and located under the cover on top of the heater.
Thank you...
by 2013cossj
Sat Sep 24, 2022 7:20 am
Forum: Engine
Topic: torquing carb to manifold
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torquing carb to manifold

Is there a need to semi tighten all 4 nuts, then torque down further in a certain pattern? Are the unique pinz washers required?
Thanks in advance.
by 2013cossj
Sat Sep 24, 2022 7:19 am
Forum: Engine
Topic: 710 Cylinder fin rust
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710 Cylinder fin rust

Ive got the engine out of my 710, cleaning it up and installing Jim Laguardia's cam. I've taken most everything apart at this point just to give it a thorough cleaning, even though it doesnt need a rebuild. The cylinder fins have some surface rust....does anyone have any advice on cleaning/rust prev...