Pinzgauer Smog Check with PinzSSI

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Pinzgauer Smog Check with PinzSSI

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I am attending a local college taking automotive tech courses, and the opportunity came up to use the exhaust analyzer. This particular unit is used by the State Smog Referee, so it is calibrated and meets California standards. The dyno was not available for use by students for safety reasons, so I did an idle test and then a 2,000 RPM test. Here are the results on a 1974 710M, which is smog exempt in California.
This particular engine has PinzSSI and 2 carbs that were purchased new from SAV about 8 years ago. The carbs are jetted for sea level. The idle mixture screws were adjusted before the test based on exhaust gas analysis. At the end the mixture screws were backed out 1 3/4 turn after being bottomed out, that produced the cleanest results. The overall results are amazing, the Pinzgauer runs clean. The carbon monoxide reading is as good as vehicles with a CAT, which should read from .01 to about .1 or so.
The ambient temperature at test time was 79 with 13% humidity.

HC= Unburned fuel in PPM
CO= Carbon monoxide in percent
C02= Carbon dioxide in percent
O2= Oxygen in percent
NOx= Oxides of Nitrogen in PPM

IMG_5984 reduced.jpg
IMG_5984 reduced.jpg (1.81 MiB) Viewed 137 times
The exhaust sniffer is in the tailpipe
IMG_5990.JPEG (1.57 MiB) Viewed 137 times
Exhaust readout at 800 RPM
IMG_5992.JPEG (1.73 MiB) Viewed 137 times
Exhaust readout at 2,000 RPM
IMG_5983.JPEG (1.9 MiB) Viewed 116 times
Verifying the advance curves before the test.
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Re: Pinzgauer Smog Check with PinzSSI

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Very cool. Thanks for posting. Makes me think of how irrational a lot of the Ca. crap really is when you get down to it. You can have a 1967 muscle car with a blown engine and 4 carbs that gets 8mpg and are 100% smog exempt, but try getting a newer, more environment friendly Pinz on the road in Ca!
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