Starts difficult after one week idle.

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Starts difficult after one week idle.

Post by jan.bauwmans »

My 710M has problems with starting after a few days idle. On the first attempt the engine runs 2 or 3 secs and stops and then it takes several other attempts before the engine starts again.

The engine runs and drives perfect once going.

Could it be that the fuel drains back into the tank by some kind of air leak or something.. ?

I don't have this problem when she was idle for a few hours or a day.



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Re: Starts difficult after one week idle.

Post by hatzlibutzli »

Hello Jan,

your diagnosis is most probably right.
take care, that not a tear in the membrane of the fuel pump is the issue, since in this case the fuel dilutes your engine oil.
If you have ruled out this you have several possibilities:
a; bypass the original fuel pump with a electrical one (I have a Hardy one, expensive but reliable): ad a shutoff switch in case the engine stalls that allows "priming", when the ignition is on ... it will fire up with first crank!
b; rebuild the original mechanical fuel pump
c; ad a check valve like that one:

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Re: Starts difficult after one week idle.

Post by Stumbler »

Based on the little bit of info, I'm guessing your carb bowls are draining somehow. They will drain in a few weeks normally through evaporation, but it is unusual to drain within a day or two. Mine starts up perfect every single time, but if I let it sit for a couple weeks I need to turn the engine over while stepping on the gas a few times until the bowls get full and hold the floats at the correct level. Check the gaskets on the carbs and look for small leaks where vapor can get out or air gets in.
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