noise bearing or pinion rear axle 712

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noise bearing or pinion rear axle 712

Post by eric82000 »

Hello everyone.
My wife sat in the back of my 712 M
and told me that there was a noise from a bearing or pinion
in the rearmost axle
that I couldn't hear from the driver's seat

she took the wheel and I sat in the back seat
and noticed a noise when loading between 5 and 30km/h

the axle oil levels are OK
all 6 tires are new

I tested it on a friend's car, where the noise is also more moderate.

Is it the differential that loads?

Have you noticed this phenomenon on your 712s?

thank you for your feedback

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Re: noise bearing or pinion rear axle 712

Post by rmel »

If it's only under load, e.g. going up a grade, it's a difficult problem to isolate.

Going under the premise that: noise = wear = Hot. You might want to try an
Infrared Thermometer pointing at BOTH diff's to see if there's a significant
difference -- as well as each of the four rear portals. You might also want
to raise each wheel off the ground and give each: close-wise/counter-clock-wise
movement to see if there's any distinguishable "play".
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Re: noise bearing or pinion rear axle 712

Post by eric1355 »

good idea
I'll give it a try.

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