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712M transmission shifting problem

Posted: Wed Jul 24, 2019 1:12 pm
by RonJackson
After waiting for over 10 years, I finally found and bought my first Pinzgauer, a 712M that was used by a Swiss fire department before it was surplused. I drove all the way home to Indiana from Fayetteville, Arkansas without incident. Today, while driving around town to get more familiar with the truck I had trouble with the shifter. Previously, I had no trouble starting out in 1st gear and going through all the gears. Reverse was tricky but I just had to push down hard and find it. Today, after driving around awhile, I could no longer find the granny 1st gear and reverse was the same way. Even finding 2nd gear was no longer easy. I also notice that the gear shift has a tremendous amount of play (like the center of the H shift pattern) while in gear when shifting through 2nd through 5th gears. Is this a common issue/problem for the shifter to have so much play that 1st and reverse are almost impossible to find? Any insight on my problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ron.

Re: 712M transmission shifting problem

Posted: Wed Jul 24, 2019 3:41 pm
by rmel
Pretty much a common problem we all deal with at some point in time.
The likley culprit(s) could be the linkage bushings which do wear out or
the ball end the connects to the main shifter tower on the transmission.
You can easily access the linkage the connects at the tranie end by removing
the tranie top access cover on the front of the cargo area. Check the
supporting pivot arm as well — and congrats on picking up a Pinz’y.

Re: 712M transmission shifting problem

Posted: Wed Jul 24, 2019 6:26 pm
by pcolette
You may also want to consider rebuilding the shifter pivot assembly on the lower end of the gear shifter with this kit (SAV6956) available from SAV. I've found it to be worth the effort and then to re-adjust the lock angle bracket (Group: 02-30-14) with the help of a second person.

Good luck!

Re: 712M transmission shifting problem

Posted: Wed Jul 24, 2019 8:22 pm
by RonJackson
Thank you very much for the info. Does anyone know of any mechanic in Indiana who can work on a Pinz?

Re: 712M transmission shifting problem

Posted: Fri Aug 09, 2019 8:28 am
by Texas710
When I first bought my truck, the PO showed me the "trick" to get it into R... Jiggle this, push down here, pray...

Once I got it home, I found that the Lock angle for shifter needed readjustment, and once set to the proper spec, no issues.

My linkage bushings did wear out this year and failed while on a trail (about 5 years later). This caused the shifter to have very bad play in it, side to side, front to back, and you could not find any gears easily. I made it home by the skin of my teeth. This is a cheap easy swap you can do yourself. No mechanic needed.