Infamous molex group/part numbers

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Infamous molex group/part numbers

Post by imacky » Thu Sep 24, 2020 9:28 pm

The infamous molex on the engine shroud, source of many alternator/charging problems, has struck again and I need to rebuild it. It wasn't the red wire that broke, but the male quick-disconnect itself. The molex is looking cracked and brittle, so I'm going to replace it and change the connectors on all six wires.

SAV says the outer molex (with the male quick-disconnects) is group # 09-50-03, though this doesn't match the parts catalog drawing. EI says the connector is 09-50-06, which does match the parts catalog. Looks like SAV has 09-50-03 and 09-50-06 reversed?

The parts catalog says the outer molex is AMP 180 904, which is Mouser # 571-180904, but the Mouser drawing for that shows the inner molex.

Similarly, the parts catalog says AMP 180 906 for the inner molex, which is Mouser # 571-180906, but the Mouser drawing shows the outer molex.

What a confused mess! If I order both inner and outer connectors, from either SAV or Mouser, then I should get what I need, regardless of what they're numbered.

But what about the quick-disconnects? More confusion. The parts catalog shows all sort of connectors but gives no indication of what matches what, and which quick-disconnects fit which housings.

09-50-11 looks like the right male connector, and it's listed as AMP 180409-2, Mouser # 571-180409-2, which SAV calls "4qmm", and that looks to be right.

But what about the matching female connector? It's likely 09-50-12, which looks right in the parts catalog drawing, but is described as "Flat plug housing" which it clearly isn't. They give a Bosch part # 1 351 355 810 which only matches some housings (on Mouser), not a connector.


Can anyone tell me which female quick-disconnects I need? The outer molex is not looking good, and neither are the male quick-disconnects, so it seems like a good idea to replace the inner one as well since they're likely also sad, but this whole part # fiasco is giving me a pain.

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Re: Infamous molex group/part numbers

Post by pcolette » Thu Sep 24, 2020 11:08 pm

The correct harness to connect from the back of the alternator to the engine tin/molex port is 09-01-44. It includes the molex connector and is available here: ... alternator
I made it a habit to replace this on every Pinz I had. They've become pricey and maybe you could assemble one for less.

The other half of the molex connector is on part of the main wiring harness so it's likely you'll need to make this yourself. I believe it is Group 09-46-17. 09-46-18 is likely the same as 09-01-44. Neither -17 or -18 seem to be available.
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Re: Infamous molex group/part numbers

Post by imacky » Fri Sep 25, 2020 9:38 am

Replacing the alternator harness will definitely solve the problem on that side, and EI sells them for $21 (vs $59 at SAV)... and EI also has the matching molinex (not molex) on the other side, so I'll just go that route, thanks. The male quick-disconnects you can get directly from TE.

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Re: Infamous molex group/part numbers

Post by hatzlibutzli » Fri Sep 25, 2020 11:52 am

I replaced the Molex by an AMP Superseal Connector many years ago ... that means to replace both sides and don`t get it wrong ...

Never any problems again!

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