Street legal: front marker lights & replacement speedometer

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Re: Street legal: front marker lights & replacement speedom

Post by HawaiianGauer » Thu Apr 25, 2013 1:59 pm

Final post this topic: speedo is in & operational. Most of the wiring, after reviewing the instructions that came with the speedo, was self-explanatory. You do need to be prepared to make some jumpers using 1/4" spades & do some splicing. The 2 connections in question were the switchable power lead (ie - from your ignition key) and ground. After confirming which wires on the ignition switch (there were, I think, 6 or 8 screw psns on the ignition - sorry no pictures!). Using a multimeter I figured out which screw psns were turned on after turning the key (ie - switchable pwr). For the grnd, I spliced into the series of brown wires that jump from each sensor light position under the dash (per Gauer wiring diagram, these were clearly grnd wires and easy to get to). Connected & tested everything & it worked.

Works like a champ! Hope this helps...

Tomorrow: get final HI recon check on all "gigs". Should be GtoG & legally registered by noon tomorrow!
Mahalo for your assistance!

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