Switch state diagrams

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Switch state diagrams

Post by GRCameron » Fri Mar 13, 2015 9:10 pm

I'm trying to run down the reason my turn signal flasher relay is only getting 9 volts with the ignition switch 'on' and the turn signal lever in either the LH or RH position. I replaced the original flasher with the SAV electronic replacement and there isn't enough voltage to get it working. If I pull out the hazard flasher switch the SAV flasher chatters at a high frequency.

I removed the cover from the hazard flasher switch and measured continuity in the 'off' and 'on' positions between all 10 terminals. Some of it makes sense, but not all - I haven't digested it thoroughly enough. There is a relay in the hazard switch assembly and I can't get a resistance reading for the coil, so I'm guessing the switch is defective.

Does anyone have diagrams for the ignition switch and headlight switch to show which terminals make/break when actuated? On the schematic some of the components show the inner workings but others are represented as "black boxes" or, in the case of the color schematic, "blue boxes."

I'm focusing on breaker #11 as it trips on hot days with the battery main switch in the 'off' position.

The schematic for this simple vehicle seems overly complex...

Thanks in advance!
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