Civilian Ignition conversion

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Civilian Ignition conversion

Post by drewster » Mon Apr 20, 2015 10:56 am

Hello All,
I am in the middle of the civilian ignition conversion from EI. Could I trouble the group with two quick questions:

1) The EI video isn't specific, do both the red wire from the Petronix ignitor and the 24V wire from the front of the radio noise suppressor both get connected to the (+) terminal on the coil? It appears connecting the ignitor red would be better going directly to the coil, rather than the RNS as the paperwork suggests, given the proximity of the (-) connection for the black ignitor wire going to the coil also.

2) Any good sources for setting ignition timing on the Pinz? I have never set timing on any vehicle before and need a good reference.

Any additional suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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