Steering box

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Steering box

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I'm leaking fluid from the steering box. Do I need to replace the whole box or the O rings and bushing only. Thank you Zig
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Re: Steering box

Post by rmel »

There are several places Oil cab leak out of the steering gear box,
where's it leaking? I had to pull mine last year and put in new
seals and re-seal the shim plate. It's a bit of a PITA.

So...if leaking underneath by the Pitman arm could be the bottom
seal or an O-ring. That's a relatively quick fix. Hope that the busings
are still good as I am told they are hard to remove.

If your drooling oil under the foot well, then possibly the shim
plate area is leaking. If you take this apart, you will likely find several
stacked shims that provide proper pressure to the opposing bearings
AND you may find after careful cleaning you may need to remove one of
the thinner shims due to wear. They will need to be re-coated with sealant.
I had 6 shims in mine so 7 surfaces that could leak. Ended up removing one
so down to 6 surfaces.

So do you need a new box, perhaps not. Probably just a lot of cleaning,
sealing and tweaking.
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