Kingpin steering bushing play

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Kingpin steering bushing play

Post by Haf-e » Thu Jun 15, 2017 11:39 am

I noticed some vertical up/down play (rocking when hub is held at 12 and 6 o'clock positions) on the passenger side front wheel drive when I was cleaning up my brakes. Has anyone done this repair? Here is the parts diagram:


Any idea of what parts I should expect to replace? I don't want to tear it down with out the parts on hand to put it back together. Thinking it should be part #21 - but they list two sizes. I would do the upper and lower bushings as a set.

BUSHING BALL HOUSING FRONT 7102423401/ 04-01-21 $38.50
BUSHING BALL HOUSING OVERSIZE 7102423406/ 04-01-21 $36.94

Looks like there is also a small ball and cup (#12 and #13) - anyone know if those need to be changed?

BALL CUP 4.6MM 7101423441/ 04-01-12 $25.50
BALL CUP 4.8MM 7101423451/ 04-01-12 $25.50
BALL CUP 5.0MM 7101423461/ 04-01-12 $25.50
BALL CUP 5.2MM 7101423471/ 04-01-12 $24.50
BALL CUP 5.4MM 7101423481/ 04-01-12 $18.50
BALL CUP 5.6MM 7101423491/ 04-01-12 $25.50
BALL CUP 9006125/ 04-01-13 $204.11

I guess I will need to tear it down and examine / measure the parts I have then order the parts.

I haven't read the manual on this yet either - but will soon - just wondering if others have done this job and their experiences with it.

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