Rear seat upholstery

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Rear seat upholstery

Post by MTPinz »

Does anyone have a good source to have their rear bench seats reupholstered? In the world of auto upholstery this doesn't seem like a major task but no one in my area seems to want to tackle this. I'd love to get all four seats and backs refoamed and upholstered so let me know if you got a guy that could help me out!


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Re: Rear seat upholstery

Post by Texas710 »

I don't have a source for you, I know it can be done because the PO of my truck had his done. He used a very basic, almost canvas like material. It doesn't seem like that hard of a project to tackle.

My words of advice. Be very specific about the foam size, my guy went big and comfortable and now I can't lay down the seats all the way to use the flatbed, without removing the upper cushions. This is kind of a PITA.
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