Restoration & upgrade ideas

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Restoration & upgrade ideas

Post by SNP »

I have a 712M which I'm in the process of restoring and then adding a few creature comforts to. I'd appreciate any ideas on what works (or doesn't).

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Restoration & upgrade ideas

Post by Hotzenplotz »

well, a quick review of the mods I've done:
  • power steering
  • tubeless tires on Ford rims
  • LED headlights
  • seats from a Smart minicar
  • Pertronics ignition and civilian wires / spark plugs/ distributor cap
  • machined off 2 mm from cylinder heads to increase compression when running with 95 octane fuel
  • swapped the hi/lo gearbox for a 710 model
that should keep you busy :D
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Re: Restoration & upgrade ideas

Post by Mr Zero »

The bigger "comfort" items that I would recommend...
  • Power steering (EZ)
  • EFI (Goatwerks)
  • 2.7L motor rebuild (Goatwerks)
  • SAV Power brake booster
  • Webasto or clone heater (depending on your use case)
I would say that the seat swap is more of a preference than an upgrade. Do try before you buy.
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