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712AMB Cab cover

Posted: Sun Aug 18, 2019 7:06 am
by lifefloat
Good day to everyone...…..okay...… is my situation....I would like to replace the cover for the cab on my 712AMB. It is an Austrian vehicle so the front part of the cover is held to the windshield frame by a captive track rather than the belt and loop fasteners on the Swiss version.

The Swiss versions of the cover are available at multiple sources. Does anyone here know of anyone that has a new cover for the Austrian model? Once again this is an ambulance so only the front cab cover is required.

A few more questions...……..does anyone here know if Tuff River Stuff is making covers for the Pinzgauer anymore? I'm good with wait time. Heck I'm even good with paying a premium. Don't want to bother them with a request though if it is a futile situation. Additionally because this is the Austrian version and every photo I've ever seen of a Tuff River Stuff cover is the Swiss version not sure they would want the job even if they are still making the things.

There are a few more options I suppose I could explore...…..

1) I could make my own cover.....there is a link I ran across a while back to a DIY canvas top who sourced their materials from Mauritzon based out of Chicago. Anybody here ever done this?

2) I could see about refitting my windshield frame to the Swiss version. I'm sure it is possible without too much butchery but would rather stick with what I got. Has anyone here ever made this modification?

Any feedback on the topic here is greatly appreciated.


Re: 712AMB Cab cover

Posted: Sun Aug 18, 2019 11:42 am
by rmel
No more from Tuff River Stuff, they are done making any Tops.
I asked (begged) and so have others. Just impossible for him to do any longer.

If you rarely open your "sun roof" :wink: , why not go Hard top. Aluminum or Steel via
Fat Fabrications. I had Andre build one for my 712, it's about to go on the truck soon.
Would have been sooner but I had a Engine top end rebuild to deal with.

The advantages are; no leaks, can be insulated, sound deadened, place to hang stuff
like radio gear, won't wear out.

Re: 712AMB Cab cover

Posted: Sun Aug 18, 2019 2:51 pm
by David Dunn
The link you saw for the DIY top was mine. I made that top over 15 years ago and it was still going strong 10 years latter when I sold the 716. All you need is basic kindergarten skill to cut and fold material and glue it together ( without tasting the glue :wink: ). The glue has very specific instructions to follow. Since you have a pattern, it would be simple to duplicate.

As to converting your cab to the Swiss style cab, SDP generally made components already for various configurations. All windshield frames have the threaded holes that are used for the Austrian front canvas clamps, but the Swiss trucks (and hardtop) models have bolts to fill the unused holes. Your frame will have the threaded holes on the top of the frame that the Swiss staple strip is mounted to ( and to tie the w/s frame and roof together on K’s).