Swiss Blinker Turn Signal lenses

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Swiss Blinker Turn Signal lenses

Post by boeing7873 » Sun Aug 18, 2019 9:34 pm

I am experimenting with 3D printing and have reasonable success with the Swiss front turn light signal lenses.
Currently this is still a work in progress, but very promising.

The good:
Accurate dimensions, fits perfect.
These are not replicas by far, but way better than moving to a completely new fixture, specially if you want to maintain the original look.

The still in the works:
The color. I have only tested one translucent orange filament, and the color is closer to yellow than to the dark amber of the original part. I don't know if a similar color filament is available. Options for the perfectionist would be to get clear prints and cover them with a stained light coat of lacquer with the right color. I am willing to keep buying different filament colors if there is an interest in the community.
Material: I have printed the prototypes in PLA. This plastic is not UV resistant, nor heat resistant. Therefore I coated the prototypes in UV lacquer spay and changed the bulbs to LEDs. But even if you don't change to LEDs, these blikers (at least in my truck) do not turn on with position lights, therefore even with regular bulbs, heat should not be a problem.
Overall, PETG is a better choice for the task and I will try it eventually.

The bad:
It will never be a replica. The original part has Fresnel lenses on the top and other light diffusing shapes to ensure visibility. This is impossible to replicate with the cheap 3D printing technology I have. However, the light diffusion on the PLA filament is great and with the potent amber LED replacement bulbs, their functionality is excellent.
The photo I have attached is from an old prototype, it looks quite more opaque than the latest versions.

If anyone is interested in a pair, I am willing to trade them for the cost of a roll of a new color filament. Send me an SMS to 404 7 four 7 129 four. I will then print a new pair with the new color and /or material for you. You get four for the price of 1kg of filament of your choice. ($20 to $40 approximately)
blinker print.JPG
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blinker photo.JPG
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Re: Swiss Blinker Turn Signal lenses

Post by Mr Zero » Thu Oct 24, 2019 5:07 pm


I don't have a need for signal lenses at the moment, BUT I'd like you to know that your efforts are appreciated and I hope you keep after this project. Whether it's the Pinz or other classics exterior light lenses (as well as interior bits and bobs) these parts are becoming harder to source. It's important that our community support the efforts of you and others attempting similar production. I believe Steyr's parts contract ends in a few more years, so you've got my support (if only moral for now). Please keep up great work! :)

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