Dome Ventilator

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Dome Ventilator

Post by Ranger1 » Mon Feb 17, 2020 5:37 am

I have recently purchased an ex Yugoslav Army ambulance. Its a three door 710M SAN. Having a full hard top body and being an ambulance it was originally fitted with a dome ventilator halfway down the roof, but a previous owner has removed this and replaced it with a perspex sheet. I would like to restore the original ventilator but cannot find reference to it in the parts manual. It may well have been a special build for the Yugoslav batch only. Dale at Haflinger Technic has never seen one, so it must be quite rare. Has anyone any info on it and any possible source of one. (Hopefully one that wont need a mortgage to pay for.)
If you google Yugoslav pinzgauer army ambulance you will see a good picture of it.

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Re: Dome Ventilator

Post by hatzlibutzli » Tue Feb 18, 2020 1:26 pm

My 710 MS has indeed such a dome ventilator as well ... it was - as the MS itselve - an Yugo-Special.

The idea of removing the dome in less arid zones of the earth is a good one since it is a notorious source of inleakage ... comparable with the tropical roof of the 109 Landrovers ...

The removal is on my to do list ...

Greets from Bavaria ... Simon

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