Soft top question...

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Soft top question...

Post by Sethsquatch » Sun Sep 27, 2020 10:27 pm

OK so I posted this in the diesel section and have gotten no response. Just wondering from someone with a soft top how it attaches to the cab portion. I have a 718 with a box on back, and the cab roof has been butchered. It needs to be cut off completely, so I thought about putting soft top just on the cab. Any help or advice is appreciated!
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Re: Soft top question...

Post by David Dunn » Mon Sep 28, 2020 2:05 am

This is one of those questions where you should stay in the TD section.
First off there are 2 methods that retained the softtops on the 710/12 m's. Swiss and Austrian . The TD softtops would have been similar to the Austrian way.
Without seeing pics of your top, but dealt with 2 TDs K ( and converting 1 from a K to M)
The major difference in the 710/12 to the 716/18 is the distance from the back of the front doors to the cargo compartment is 8" longer, the windshield frame sits higher on the TDs and the side portion over the doors is a few inches taller.

Besides a custom canvas or vinyl top, you'll need a new rollbar, the stabilizer bars over the doors, retaining bar for the top over the windshield, a crossbar for the softtop in the cab. Once you have collected them, you'll need to fabricate 'wings' to fill in between the roll bar and cabin ( remember the 8" additional space) . All Pinzes use the same basic rollbars. Then there will be some additional parts you'll need to fabricate at the bulkhead and the box.

IMO you'll be money ahead unbolting the roof/rollbar in front and have a auto shop weld in sheetmetal to retain the hardtop. The worse part of the remove will probably be the cab attachment at the rear cabin. The front is bolted along the top of the windshield pointing down and 2 bolts facing forward over the doors.
If you did a search on Pinzgauer Pink Cow, I'm sure you'll find pics of the conversion from a K to a M. Everything from the cargo bulkhead to the front will be the same as your truck
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