Air tunnel insulation

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Air tunnel insulation

Post by jan.bauwmans »

I still have the foam inside the air tunnel. It's fixed with steel clips. Is it not better to remove it ? Afraid there is rust building up underneath. What is the purpose of this foam? Noise reduction or dust catcher ? Image

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Re: Air tunnel insulation

Post by rmel »

Insulation both temp and noise.

I removed mine from the 712 as it was in terrible shape.
It was fairly easy to remove using a Heat Gun, spatula, and some patience.

I ended up applying a Noise deadening material that you can roll on or brush
apply, takes several applications to get a 4mm to 5mm overall thickness. This
product has rust inhibitors, is high temp, and water proof. It's a Polymer base.
My wind tunnel ended up rust free.

Here's a link to the product I used as an FYI ... rum-liquid
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Re: Air tunnel insulation

Post by ChickenPinz »

Does anyone know if there's a replacement material for the original that's closer to the foam type material?
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Re: Air tunnel insulation

Post by whitesik »

I used 1/2" Dynaliner and it worked very well. I made cardboard templates to get the correct sizes for the pieces before applying it.
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