What do you think of this 710M ?

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What do you think of this 710M ?

Post by Hugues »

Hello everyone, new here, Canadian engineer based in Switzerland for the past 30+years.
I'm thinking of buying a Pinz 710 to convert into an expedition vehicle to tour Africa, Asia and Americas when I retire.

I am interested in this 710M for sale here in Switzerland.
The plate says 1978/79 and the registration states that it was first put on the road in 1982, a former Swiss army vehicle, after that there seems to have been only one owner.

The vehicle is pretty clean, I see a little rust here and there, nothing important, I think maybe change the heat exchanger and the exhaust?
I see no obvious signs of oil leaks.

I'll test drive tomorrow, what should I watch out for?
I'll take it to local DOT to weigh it and ask about some changes that I want to make (open up one side for a lateral door like on a 710K).

If it looks good, I will ask Christoph @Gut Garage to examine it before deciding to buy it. 42,000 km, asking price USD 24'900
(sorry for those reading also the german Pinz forum, I also posted there)
Detailed views here:

710M.jpg (112.27 KiB) Viewed 1584 times
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Re: What do you think of this 710M ?

Post by ChickenPinz »

$24.9k USD seems a bit high for an M, but I don't know your local market.
Underside looks pretty clean.
It's probably been repainted at some point.
Engine sounded normal.
Take it for a drive at highway speed and check for driveline vibration, especially a low-frequency (less than 1Hz) vibration that goes away if you engage the transfer case.
Expect to change lots of rubber parts -- they get old and tired.

As to an overlander option, well, that's a different discussion. Me? I'd take a Toyota truck largely because there are spare parts everywhere for those things (but they won't need them) and they're far more comfortable for long trips.
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Re: What do you think of this 710M ?

Post by jimfro »

I also think it's a bit pricey but the car seems to be in good condition so I think it's worth it. By the way, converting it into an expeditionary car is a good idea.
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Re: What do you think of this 710M ?

Post by Joeri »

Price is to high.
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