Upper door holders for rear cab

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Upper door holders for rear cab

Post by Daly944 » Sun Oct 27, 2019 3:31 pm

I've seen a few people who have made mounts in the rear cab to hold the upper door halves. Does anyone have close up pictures of these mounts? Do they allow you to store the upper door halves with the rear seats up (in a usable position)? I'd like to get some welded in and don't want to start the design from scratch.

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Re: Upper door holders for rear cab

Post by TechMOGogy » Mon Nov 18, 2019 7:47 am

Nothing to weld - just drill 2 holes.
Seats are still in the seating position when upper doors are stored.
Will find some pics but its really just 2 holes

IMG_5103.jpg (80.08 KiB) Viewed 1865 times
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