Winch with triple exit: front, middle, rear?

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Winch with triple exit: front, middle, rear?

Post by GED » Sun Mar 29, 2020 8:24 pm


I've read about David's custom rear mounted winch.
I come from a Ford F250 with an Ezy-lift:
so I like the idea of motorized loading

I've been thinking about a 10K front winch like:

But nowadays with the synthetic winch line,
it would be easy to also have the line exit at the rear of the winch
through the air grille. Since the Pinzgauer has a central spline,
it may be easy to somebody like André to fabricate a bolt-on tube
with flared ends on top on the spline
that would go from the grille to the passenger compartment
and would guide the synthetic rope to exit just above the floor?

This would allow to drag cargo (a motorcycle, or else) into the bed.

Finally a bracket could be made for a removable fairlead at the end of the bed
allowing the front winch to be able to pull the Pinzgauer backwards.

Does that sound possible, or am I missing some mechanical effects?

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