What you can do with the drive train.....

Build projects, things that guys have come up with to make a Pinz better (or worse?) and aftermarket add-ons.
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What you can do with the drive train.....

Post by Joeri » Sun Apr 19, 2020 3:21 am

Well...i have together with my dad built i think the frist pinzgauer buggy ...used the drive train , original diff locks , original engine, original suspension . The goal was the Croatia trophy 2003 and i have done that. We used a Pinzgauer 710m that had roled several times so the original body was in verry bad shape ...so what could you build with the drivetrain?
Looks now that others have folowed our idea and even improved it now with diesel engines and so on.
Here are soms examples.

The one that started it all ( last ride) :

The followers :

I especialy like the green one as it has its engine at the rear , he won several tropys with this car.

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