Running out of oil in the sump?

Issues pertaining to the TGB/C30X series engine and driveline issues
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Running out of oil in the sump?

Post by chosenview » Wed Jul 20, 2016 9:02 am

I really appreciate being able to ask what I suspect are silly questions. As a hobbiest, once the Internet has been exhausted, it's great to be able to throw out questions.

I've transplanted a landrover 300tdi, auto box into my tgb13. All is well. I've plumbed in a new radiator, intercooler and oil coolers.

Here the question. My oil cooler radiators for both the gearbox and the engine are located higher than the sumps. What stops the the engine running out of oil because it suddenly pumped a whole load into the oil cooler. All I can assume is that the oil pumps have a 1 way valve so that the oil coolers are always full and therefore taken into account when taking the oil levels.

Is that right?


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