Buying a C304.

Issues pertaining to the TGB/C30X series engine and driveline issues
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Re: Buying a C304.

Post by Doccers » Tue Nov 08, 2011 4:48 pm

Well keep in mind Xtreme did the 39" tires too. In a 303 with the 5.whatever gearing in the axles, yeah, it's certainly feasible, I can attest to that.

Please keep in mind, I have these tires because that's what was on it when I bought it. It wasn't my choice. I also managed to get the truck for about 50% what I normally would have had to pay, and I could only just afford it. I only pull in about 30k a year, so it's going to take me awhile to get the funds to finish all of the repairs, rework, Tires, etc. I'm focusing on getting it running correctly first.

I think a lot of people Choose oversize meats like that, because of looks and ignorance. "Bigger tires means more off-road", and all that. Makes sense maybe for mudding (I don't mud, so I have no idea if it's true or not), but when it comes to real technical off-roading, it's a balance between center of gravity, ground clearance, suspension flex, and a host of other factors. I've driven stock and near stock Cherokee's for years off-road, taking them up places normally reserved for heavily modified 4x4's and the like. You can FIT 31" tires on a stock XJ. Should you? No. Rubbing, limited suspension flex, limited steering ability, axles breaking, etc.

30's are about the largest you should run stock, 29's are better.

So why do people do it? "Because it looks cool" is usually the answer.

anyways, digression about tires aside,

So Yeah, I'm not looking to be a race rig. I just want something that can go up mountain roads without getting rear-ended, so a little more oomph from the engine is all I'm looking to get. I'm not looking for 300 HP here, just a modest improvement over the de-tuned 110 HP I'm getting now. I mean, Ideally, I'd like 150 HP out of it if I can, but realistically if I can get 125, 130 or so, that'll be what I'm looking for. I don't want to zoom around in the fast lane of the interstate. I just want to hold maybe 45 up a hill in the right hand lane of a 55 marked windy mountain road.

Mogman: He yelled at me for having large tires before I even got the thing home, it's just something he's passionate about. When you realize that the number of spare portals for these are rapidly dwindling, I can undestand the zeal. :)

I do gunsmithing part time, and a big thing in that realm is milsurp rifles, kinda similar to vehicles like this. You have the people who are in it for historical value, and you have the ones who buy them because they're cheap. What you see played out, time and again, is the readily available cheap ones wind up becoming rare and expensive, like the old springfield 1903's. You used to be able to get them at like 5 bucks a pop, because there were millions of them and nobody wanted them. These days, you'll spend about a thousand bucks. Back then, people wouldn't take care of them, they'd butcher the original stocks and receivers to put on all sorts of ridiculous mods, and a lot of very collectable rifles were "Bubba'd", destroying them for all time. If you did that to an 03 now, you'd be strung up.

A lot of the hacked together scope mounts actually wound up weakening the receiver to the point where it would blow apart, a lot like putting on oversize tires can destroy an axle. And then it's gone forever, man.

Now we're seeing that played out with Mauser 98's and Mosin-Nagant's. They're cheap and abundant now, and you see a lot of them being butchered. No big deal, there's millions of them, and you can do what you want with your own, right?

... Until there aren't millions of them anymore.

There's not many of these trucks left- there were only what, 8 thousand ever built?
So yeah. I see where he's coming from, in that regard.

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Re: Buying a C304.

Post by aclark79 » Wed Oct 21, 2015 11:16 pm

Still enjoying the truck?

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