Writing and posting pics in a tech article

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Writing and posting pics in a tech article

Post by JNijst » Sat Aug 19, 2017 4:33 pm


Now that I succesfully managed to post one tech article with pictures, I am now getting so cocky, that I think others are maybe interested in sharing some of my experiences...
Please know, that I have no notion whatsoever, that I know anything about the content of tech articles, just what might be useful for the lay-out and how I added the pictures.

Some suggestions I thought might be useful:

- A good description that covers the subject, makes it easy to spot for those that do not roam this site often enough...
- Maybe a short list with all the major steps, so to get mentally prepared
- A list of tools needed are handy for non-mecahnics like me, who have a limited size tool-box, basically because we don't know what else is needed
- A list of preparations, as it makes it easier to get an overview, before we start the wrong way...
- Maybe numbered steps of instruction to aid the mechanically challenged amongst us (include steps to re-assemble with important points: what not to forget)

Pictures (every picture tells a story...):
- Basically use as good a camera as you can get; clear pictures are easier to interpretate than fuzzy ones
- Take as many as possible, or as you dare, some are bound to be better for use in the article
- There are many ways to transfer these pictures to your computer, but you probably need some sort of USB cable for that
- Most of these pictures are too big in size and bytes and need to be resized, to do that I use MS 'Paint'.. Only Window-users can use this (some hate Windows)
- Some of you have used Photobucket, but the problem is that if they make a change in their set-up, all the essential pictures are gone on the forum
- So then right-click (right-hand-button on your mouse) on the picture you want and a menu-list appears...
- Click on 'Open with' and choose 'Paint'
- Near the top left there will be a selection to adjust the image and choose Resize, see picture below:
pic-2.png (169.57 KiB) Viewed 5034 times
- Then a new window appears, where you can choose what size you want it to end up to
- If you click on the Horizontal box, which shows: 100 and then change that number to; let's say 25, the image will reduce in size to 1/4 of the original and a lot smaller nr of bytes or pixels. Try between 150 and max 250 Kb size of bytes.
- You can save it, but then the original will be reduced forever !, or save it with a different name (add: _s to its name), you now have 2 pictures in 2 sizes
- Make a special folder with just the reduced size pictures, if they end up in a numbered list, then possibly rename them to that step-nr: 1.npg, 2.npg ...

Start a new tech article:
- In the tech section open a new topic
- Write your text and use what you think applies in the suggestions-list above,
- You can import hundreds of pictures, but are limited to 5 per post...
- ... This means: you write text and add max. 5 pictures inline and then submit the post
- ... Then open the post and make a reply to that post, there is a green button "Post Reply" on the left, at the bottom of the last entry
- There you can write text you want and add again 5 pics max
- Submit this 2nd post and go to the article again and see both posts 'merged' with a line between
- You can still edit the lot by clicking the edit-button, you can only edit your own posts...
- And so on

Adding pictures inline:
- Below where you add text is a section: Filename with a box 'Choose File' (or so, mine was in Dutch...)
- A window opens, and choose the folder where your pictures are then choose it (double-click)
- Then press the button 'Add the file'
- Choose the location in the text where you want the picture (On a new line)
- Then in the section Attachments, right below it, choose one of the 5 pictures (or less; if you added less) then press 'Place inline'
- You could place comments in the box File comment (text will end up on top),or you can write it in the text and then place that below the picture. Placing below the picture is the 'proper' standard / user-friendly

This is all I can think off, maybe others have suggestions and I can incorporate these. Many thanks in advance for suggestions.
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Re: Writing and posting pics in a tech article

Post by Brickren » Sun Aug 20, 2017 7:57 am

Sticky for us non tech people. 6 months ,heck 2 weeks i wont remember were its at or what to do
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Re: Writing and posting pics in a tech article

Post by JNijst » Tue Aug 22, 2017 2:54 am

Same here, that is why I wrote it down, because I forget this stuff too.
I completely forgot we even had a tech sessions... I just searched for 'clutch-stuff' and went from there.
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Re: Writing and posting pics in a tech article

Post by VinceAtReal4x4s » Mon Sep 18, 2017 2:06 am

I'll add that the current max file size is 2.5MB, and in general you want a pic to be around 1000pxl wide.

2.5mb is pretty big for a forum photo but many cameras or phones are set on a higher quality setting these days and make massive file sizes, for no good reason most of the time.

There are many people who use the internet (in many countries) who don't have high-speed connections. 2.5MB can take a very long time to load and anything bigger is just impractical so this is why it's set to where it is, for now.
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Re: Writing and posting pics in a tech article

Post by bbolander » Mon Sep 18, 2017 1:27 pm

If you have a Mac computer, the picture opens in "Preview". Select File, Duplicate to create a copy. Select Tools, Resize to change the file size of the copy. Then save it and it includes "copy" in the file name. Easy.

I've done something similar in Windows 10 from the menu bar when the file is opened. Seems like it''s either in Details or Properties that you can change the file size. You need to save it under a different name so you don't resize the original. No additional software needed.
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Re: Writing and posting pics in a tech article

Post by info@vscglobal.com » Thu Sep 21, 2017 2:46 pm

IM posting on here because I cannot find a way to pot my own forum. I have been searching for a whille. Where is there a 'post new' button!!??!!?

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Re: Writing and posting pics in a tech article

Post by Jimm391730 » Thu Sep 21, 2017 3:25 pm

Go to the appropriate section, and at the top left is a "new topic" button so you can start a new thread.
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