Voltage regulator, Bosch replacement for SEV

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Voltage regulator, Bosch replacement for SEV

Post by one2many » Sun Nov 22, 2015 11:08 am

Neither type of SEV Marchal voltage regulators are available, there were two 24v variants used in the C30x series, one has a black 3 spade plug then joins with a white 3 bullet plug. The other has its wiring coming straight out from the unit then joins the same type bullet plug. As said both units are no longer available but there is Bosch alternative that not only works perfectly it is listed when the part no. from one of the SEV Marchal units is searched/used.

The Bosch pt no. is 0192033004
Here is where I bought it.
http://www.ebay.com/itm/28v-Alternator- ... 1478485866?
It was pretty cheap at $45 AUD shipped or £10 if your in UK.

Note. This source isn't a genuine Bosch unit but on the box it came in it said... Brand is CARGO "Holger Christiansen- A Bosch group company" so its likely to be equal quality, maybe :roll: . The cheapest I found the genuine Bosch part for was about 8 times what I paid for the above part, appearance is identical. Also if you have the SEV Marchal part with the black plug then its plug and play but if you have the other with wiring coming straight out of the regulator you will have to wire it with spade crimp terminals...red= D+, green=D-, black= - (negative/ground).
I tried and tried to buy the said black plug but could not find the pattern anywhere, pity because if the reg is accidentally unplugged while engine running it stuffs it so mount it out of harms way!

Tantaka have the same part on their website catalogue but its listed/tranlates as a charge relay instead of charge regulator but its clearly the same part pictured. I would have bought it there but he didn't have PayPal that I could see and direct bank payments from here to overseas attract extra fees and higher conversion rates on our dollar.

Here's another link, same part different seller €16.95, this link has heaps of manufacture's pt no's.
http://www.lima-shop.de/en/product_info ... -1150.html

I hope this saves somebody the time it took me to research it.
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