Saw this insanely large MXT 4x4 pickup today

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Saw this insanely large MXT 4x4 pickup today

Post by VinceAtReal4x4s »

I had seen a pic of one of these somewhere but didnt realize how big it was. Seems kinda like a homebuilt Unimog sized truck but without the portals or cool factor they have. I noticed the body doing a strange wiggle while it was doing about 60mph. I'd assume the ride must be not so smooth. Also it looks like it needs another 2-3" of lift to look right with those (loud as he**) tires.

"The International MXT (known as both the Military and Most Extreme Truck) is powered by a 300 hp version of the International 6.0L VT365 V8 and equipped with a 5-speed Allison 2000 transmission. Due to its intended off-highway use, the MXT is equipped with four wheels instead of six. Although much larger, the MXT is similar in concept to the 4-door pickup versions of the Hummer H1. The purpose-built chassis is a version of International MXT-MV tactical vehicle equipped for civilian use. The launch of this truck was tied into Internationals 100th year in business “From International’s first truck 100 years ago to the new International MXT, we’ve manufactured trucks that have been on the leading-edge of innovation,” said Dee Kapur, president of International Truck and Engine’s Truck Group."
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Re: Saw this insanely large MXT 4x4 pickup today

Post by audiocontr »

I find em awesome. Wish i could afford one!!!
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