Boring cylinders

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Boring cylinders

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Had a valve drop into the #3 cylinder. Had to bore out cylinder #3 to 93.00 mm before it cleaned up. Is it necessary to bore out the other cyliners to match? They are in the 92.20 to 92.31 mm range and I am considering boring them out to 92.50mm and replacing the pistons.
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Normal repair procedures would be to match your bore sizes.


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I wouldn't run "non-matched" cc's/volumes, but I've known a few pretty rough mechanics over the years whom I'm sure wouldn't think twice about doing it. :wink: :roll: :D :D

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I agree with Scott and the Professor, the rotating assembly would be thrown out of balance if you proceed as planned. The piston and rings from each cylinder should weigh the same (assembled), within a few grains of each other. Not sure what the exact recommended tolerance should be.