Solid Starter Mounts Available for gear reduction starters

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Solid Starter Mounts Available for gear reduction starters

Post by bikmakr » Sun Jun 17, 2018 10:59 pm

I designed and made up a small run of these solid mounts. There have been instances of damage caused by the new higher torque starters shifting old or worn rubber starter mounts. In my case, it ruined my ring gear. I'm not sure why the designers ever came up with a "soft" mount. I suspect to isolate the starter motor from engine vibrations. I can't think of another vehicle that uses one.

This "kit" replaces the following stock items:

7121090142 ground strap $31.10
7121090162 rubber mount $82.02
9801362 bolt $.75
9001364 bolt $.85
7121090222 nut plate $22.59

Total $137.31

So for $110 plus actual discounted UPS, you can have a rigid set-up. PM me if you are interested.
Sorry, ships to US only. Overseas shipments can be too time consuming.
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