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For Sale C303 in St Louis, MIssouri

Posted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 4:21 pm
by STL Cardinal Robin
After 15 years of very little usage I am fianlly parting with my C303. It has the later Aluzinc body.

Rust Free Volvo 1974 C303. In this rust free condition they are hard to find!

Mechanically everything on this truck works. Shifts like a dream! Air lockers are great. It has not been off road since I owned it. (2004) Doubt it was driven off road by the previous owner in Massachusetts. When I purchased the truck my boys were in scouting and I had two good knees. (One is now replaced and the other one soon) Kids are long out of scouting and it sits in the driveway much to my wife’s total disdain. It has the newer aluminum zinc body. Minor surface rust. One forklift gash on the side previously hid by bondo.

Since I have owned the truck for the past 15 years I have modified or added the following:

1. Professionally installed newer fuse box set up with modern slant fuse bank. No Buss fuses. (Huge upgrade)
2. HELLA cut off battery switch
3. 24/12 step down inverter with Blue Sea fuse bank.
4. New OEM turn signal stock system. (VW OEM)
5. New glass on sides and back of truck
6. 123 electronic ignition. (best upgrade I could have ever made)
7. 4 new tires (MAXXIS) (January 17 2018) Less than 100 miles on the tires
8. 4 new OEM shocks. (January 17)
9. LED front head lights. (Truck-lite)
10. LED front turn lights with new Hella lenses and housings.
11. New pancake style LED rear lights and lenses.
12. Upgrades Dyna Flow muffler eliminating the inefficient cross over OEM stock muffler.
13. New oversize custom made OAK stained rub rails. (never installed)
14. House of Flying Spanners Land Rover King Pin bearing set. (4)
15. House of Flying Spanners hub oil seal STEFA conversion kit. (4)
16. SPAFAX oversize unbreakable military grade mirrors. (the best)
17. Stainless steel brake lines.
18. Re-cored and sealed gas tank.
19. Re-upholstered from and back jump seats.
20. Driver slide seat mechanism on the passenger side (improvement over the OEM fixed mounting).
21. Upgraded rear heater (still have the stock one too)
22. Replaced peg board with metal (insulated) in the doors.
23. Metal interior (never installed to replace all the peg board)
24. Professionally externally sand blasted in Fall of 2018 with industrial primer waiting for your paint.
25. All fluids replaced November 2018.
26. New NAPA batteries August 2019
27. Rebuilt speedometer in 2016. Remained the same mileage. Current mileage is 79,960 in kilometers or 49,684 in miles. Speedometer is built in Kilometers

If you do not haggle with me on the price I will throw in additional truck-lite flood lights with brackets. I really do not want to put the interior back together to stock. I have all of the bits and items. They will go with the truck. I am just lazy! I like this C303 better than my 1991 Defender, but it is just not an everyday road warrior.

I have all the maintenance records since 2004, plus the original Norwegian Army maintenance log book and original military key fob. (multiple sets of extra keys). A locks function as should. The interior of the truck is currently stripped of all the back seats and lined with B-Quite installation. I have metal roof inserts for the interior to replace the peg board, just not installed. I have all the interior bits, axe/shovel, interior screen, and the external gas tank holder This truck is a very nice rust free example which could use a decent paint and a little cosmetic TLC . This truck has has been ignored and not driven very much since 2004. It needs to go to a good home.

I do not need assistance selling this vehicle. Please do not ask. I will sell only through wire transfer. No money orders!

Looking at $18,000 ready to go. Lots of pictures from 2004, and today, upon request.


Rob Sheahan

Re: For Sale C303 in St Louis, MIssouri

Posted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 11:01 pm
by VinceAtReal4x4s
You'll be asked to post pics for sure. It does help to sell rigs quite a bit.

How were the seats recovered? Stock looking or some other color?

Im curious about the sandblasting and if they really used sand. The way these need to be treated is with softer media as too much sand will usually strip the zinc plating off the metal, which is easy to do. (The large upper rear pieces and most of the roof is aluminum.) Also the primer has to be a good self-etching type. Just curious if they knew that since some shops dont!

Re: For Sale C303 in St Louis, MIssouri

Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 11:30 pm
by STL Cardinal Robin
Great questions and comments!

They media blasting company used a fine media. Small grit, low pressure. I watched the process. They were very careful not to hurt or damage the metal. They have been media blasting for 35 years. They put a little heavy duty primer (more industrial) on the upper roof portion because in their words, it does not need to to be sanded quite as smooth as the doors and side panels prior to paint. Seats were recovered as stock. Same material, same look. I forgot that I also had larger oak rub panels made (per one of your suggestions) just not installed. Pictures can and will be posted. For now sending out to those with real interest. Will post some pictures for all next week.

Re: For Sale C303 in St Louis, MIssouri

Posted: Thu Oct 03, 2019 4:30 pm
by m15256
Will you be posting any pictures? or
Has your truck been sold?
People keep stopping to talk with me about mine and where could they find one.

Thanks, Rick

Re: For Sale C303 in St Louis, MIssouri

Posted: Sat Oct 05, 2019 11:58 am
by STL Cardinal Robin

Not sold. I have not been too aggressive in selling it. It's a good runner. I will post pictures this week. I have had some tire kickers who I have sent pictures to. I am open to offers.

Re: For Sale C303 in St Louis, MIssouri

Posted: Sat Oct 12, 2019 8:47 pm
by bdelaporte
Do you have any pictures to post? Thanks