The Trophy Truck is For Sale

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The Trophy Truck is For Sale

Post by yaknowthatguy » Thu Dec 10, 2020 1:56 pm

The trophy truck is for sale.

When it came up for sale some years ago, I was the fortunate winner of the bids to get the truck, and ultimately traded my blue 710 with matching trailer as part of the transaction. I’ve been working on the Trophy Truck a little at a time since then, and it’s been slower than I’d like.

I had some delays, partially due to family issues, and a few years ago almost got killed in an accident. It resulted in 14 fractures, and a lot of permanently implanted orthopedic hardware. I was on a walker for 6 months, a cane another 2, and was off work for a total of 7. It’s been a long slow recovery.

Now I’m back to work, and my schedule is busier than I may prefer, but that’s how it is. Because of that, I just don’t realistically have time to finish the truck. It’s frustrating, because it’s pretty close, but it’s also a fact. Compounding this, my right knee isn’t a fan of getting in and out of the cab with all the hardware and 5 surgeries to get me to today. I’m active, but have to accept some limitations. Two plates and 14 screws in my tibia will do that.

Because of all these issues, the trophy truck is now up for sale. It’s currently in Northern Colorado.

For those who don’t know the history, this very truck was raced in the 2002 Croatia Rally, and did quite respectably; it had also been raced in the Transylvania Rally twice before Croatia (thanks for the clarification Vince!). The team was in 3rd place overall on the last day and was within a few hours of finishing when they suffered a mechanical issue and driver injury that took them out of the race. As such, it gained the name The Trophy Truck, and has a bit of legendary status within the Pinz community. You can read more about the race here:

A couple of the bigger upgrades on this truck from the time of racing are the power steering (ZF system), and disc brakes (from a 718). These upgrades by themselves are a little pricey.

Since obtaining the truck, I’ve done extensive work on it for reliability in addition to upgrades in other ways. Below is a list of all I can recall having done to the truck. I suspect there are a few more things, but this list is pretty comprehensive.

With all this considered, it’s time for the Trophy Truck to have a new home, hopefully someone who can finish off the restoration the way the truck deserves. I will have photos ready to go in a few days and will begin posting them.

I’m not posting a price initially, I’d like to just take offers from people by email. There is about $20-25k in upgrades in the truck, not including labor (not just my own - a fair amount was done by Dennis at Linden Engineering in Golden, CO), not including the 2.7L engine rebuild by Jim LaGuardia, and not considering other extras included. If you’re in the region and want to come see the truck, that’s fine by me, but only if accompanied by a serious offer. My schedule is challenging enough, and curiosity isn’t something I can realistically accommodate. I am not in a position to take trades, this is a cash/certified funds sale only. I may be able to help with transportation, we can talk about that.

Thank you for your time and interest. I appreciate all the help the Pinz community has given me over the years with my 710, and the Trophy Truck, with guidance, write-ups, and support. You guys are great.

If people are interested in the custom dashboard and aircraft monitor info, I will post the CAD file for the dash where it can be made for about $140, and the link for the current version of the gauge is included below.


Clear Colorado Title in hand with current Collector’s plates on truck
Always insured
Garaged almost its entire time with me.

Upgrades already on the truck -

Humvee 24v led headlights
Electric fuel pump with pressure regulator and kill switch
All fuel line replaced from tank to carbs (with exception of that on the ambulance box heater)
K&N air filter
Custom dash with MGL aircraft engine monitor gauge (cylinder head temp, oil pressure, Hobbs meter, etc) ( ... _blaze.php)
Electronic speedo (from SAV)
Kevlar reinforced Goodyear Wrangler tires (less than 100 mi on them)
Power steering with inline cooler (power steering lines reinforced with stainless braid, should survive a fan belt breaking and not strand you)
Disc brakes
Kansas Pinz 712 box set up as camper (storage in tunnel on floor, table on center support, side windows, etc), purchased from Scott at Expedition Imports
High back seats with slots for seat belts (on stock frames, so retains slider function)
Corbeau 4 points on both seats
New master electric switch
Aircraft headsets, one pair plus intercom box (yes, they are legal in Colorado, but check your state)
Civilian ignition with wires and plugs
LED brake and turn signals rear
LED reverse light (still needs switch installed on transmission, not installed but is included)
LED license plate lights (includes quick disconnect for when ambulance box removed)
Windshield wiper motor replaced with upgraded version from SAV
Wiper fluid reservoir upgraded with powered sprayer
Battery tender 24v hooked up and in service
Newer batteries, on tender so well charged
New wiring harness from SAV, replaced end to end. Chassis and cab both. (this was an issue when I got the truck, but now remedied)
New Mercedes equivalent to Steyr master cylinder. Exact replacement for 718 (since this truck has disc brakes)
New brake fluid reservoir
Factory built 2.7L motor, rebuilt by Jim LaGuardia - has about 10 hours on it.
High speed transfer case (from a 710)
All fluids except transmission swapped in last 6 months (just haven’t gotten to transmission)
Locking fuel cap (with keys)
New SAV ignition with key
Fuel tank blasted and re-coated with KBS sealers (no red death!)
Dual fuel tank with new sender, gasket, and replacement fuel line (still has original fuel line ONLY for the Eberspacher heater, and that is not hooked up)
Cab interior floor, fuel tank and under bed on both sides already spray lined (black)
Doghouse plastic-painted black
Dash surround plastic-painted black with reinforced corners for new dash
Upgraded rear bumper (made by user on real4x4s, VERY stout, powder coated black)
Custom fab high-top cab (goes well with new seats, especially if you’re over 6’)
Custom fab light bar for cab with 240w LED front light bar and two smaller scene lights (each 15w I think) on the sides (needs to be wired)
Custom fab 2” trailer receiver
Custom 2” aluminum square tubing rub rails with tapers on both ends
Custom fab setup to remove box from cab on its own jacks (4ea at 5000# lifting capacity, can store in ambulance box floor storage)

Upgrades with the truck (included but not installed)

Spare wheel and tire (with Kevlar reinforced tire)
Spare wheel (add another tire for 2 spares)
Fusion marine stereo with iPod 4 (yes, older stereo, but never installed, and iPod wiped)
LED strips/dimmers/channel for inside of 712 box (had intended to mount white and green LEDs with dimmers, but never got to it)
24v to 12v converter x 2 (one higher capacity, one smaller).
Various fittings to install in a new box over doghouse, USB charger, case fan, etc (smaller capacity 24v to 12v converter intended for this location)
Fuel tank and Battery box rock guards (built by Andre)
Reverse light switch
24v Winch
Insulation for cab
Pair of outside rearview mirrors (new, SAV)
Overhead console for cab (blank, can be cut for your radio/switches/GPS/whatever)
Handful of LED 24v push button switches
Handful of LED 24v clearance lights (red and amber, red ones already installed on rear sides of truck)
Fuse box (intended to go with 24v converter in overhead console for stereo, CB, etc)
Hemacool (yes a real one), including a 24v chassis cable with matching Amphenol fitting

Parts to go with truck -
Every air hose/duct as a replacement
3’x4’ enlargement of schematic
Pinz user manual (including green slip cover)
Carb rebuild kits (they were already rebuilt at time of engine rebuild, so these are spare)
Steering rod end
Stock air intake w filter
Eberspacher heater controller
Spare ignition switch with key
Full set of spare door windows (all four pieces)
Full set of tire chains
Stock light housings
Original sealed beam headlights and parts
Gear shift replacement boot kit
Carb synchronizing tool (carbs are tightly synchronized)
Horn button for steering wheel (actually have two)
Every part I can think I ever had

Known issues -
Brakes need bled, they’re softer than I’d like
One locker sticks so won’t engage (transfer case locks just fine)
Map box needs a magnet and light. I might have a light in with spare parts, but not sure.
Needs some body/paint work and attention
Engine monitor gauge and speedo need final calibration
Need to move horn to steering wheel (currently on dash by emergency flasher switch)
Haven’t made the new storage box/doghouse cover, but all the electronic parts to do this are included as above.
Needs some air hoses/ducts replaced (parts included as above)
One steering rod end needs replaced (part included as above)
Gear shift boot needs replaced (parts included as above)
Bed is spray lined, but some of it is peeling.
Fuel tank is spray lined but can use some touchup on a couple of spots.
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Re: The Trophy Truck is For Sale

Post by Joeri » Thu Dec 10, 2020 2:24 pm

Didnt this one hit a tree stump or big rock in one of the races , after that it was all over ?
I drove the 2003 edition with the Orange pinz buggy :mrgreen:

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Re: The Trophy Truck is For Sale

Post by yaknowthatguy » Sat Dec 12, 2020 3:54 pm

Some additional photos
IMG_4925.jpg (528.51 KiB) Viewed 805 times
IMG_4916.jpg (976.61 KiB) Viewed 805 times
DSC_8973.jpeg (578.2 KiB) Viewed 805 times
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Re: The Trophy Truck is For Sale

Post by Andre » Wed Dec 16, 2020 4:31 pm

Did you sell off the 716k top that was on it?
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Re: The Trophy Truck is For Sale

Post by yaknowthatguy » Wed Dec 16, 2020 5:07 pm

the 716 top has been sold.
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