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Northwest MogFest 2019: Celebrating 20 years!!!

Posted: Wed Jun 26, 2019 8:38 am
by Jim Molloy
Hello to all!

It is hard to believe we are less than two months away from the start of Northwest MogFest once again. It is not too late to make plans to join in the fun! In addition to Unimogs, 4x4 and 6x6 Pinzgauers, Volvo 4x4 and 6x6 C-series, Land Rovers/Range Rovers/Discoveries/etc., a Saurer, MANY VW Syncros and Westafalia campers, Ural motorcycles and other European vehicles( including expedition/overlanding rigs), HAFLINGERS will once again play a prominent role.

If you would like to attend this invitation-only event, please go to:
Scroll down and click on "RSVP for NWMF..." and take it from there.

The dates for our 20th annual event are August 15th-18th.

The address for the farm is:

29870 SW Mill Creek Rd.
Sheridan, Oregon

Our theme this year is Waldersee HOMECOMING. All I can say at this point is there will be a bit of a "Back To The Future" flavor to it all. Opportunity to dress in character is always welcomed.

The large field closest to the river has been planted with more filbert trees on its west side. The fescue nurse crop has already been windrowed with its final harvest pending. The eastern side of the large field is now in corn that will not be harvested until September. Expect to see large irrigation guns in action. The five hillside hill climbs will be open for business this year and swimming should be great. Feel free to bring your own floats/tubes/kayaks/canoes/VW Typ166 Schwimmwagen/Hagglunds BV206.

Off farm vehicle activities will be available as long as the forest is not closed due to fire danger. I do know a Haflinger group is planning a trail ride relatively nearby. Over the July 4th holiday, we will be scoping out potential routes to Valley of the Giants. ... s_(Oregon) Tentatively, we are looking at making that drive either Thursday or Friday morning. There is a possibility it could happen both days and should be a journey friendly to ALL vehicles.

EuroPasses (allowing entry on non-European vehicles into the off road areas) are likely to be EXTREMELY limited and perhaps non-existent this year. All depends on turn-out. You are welcome to drive whatever you choose to and from the event. US Military vehicles are automatically granted full access (Thank you for YOUR service!).

Yoga practices will once again be offered so bring mats if you would like to participate in those practices. We do have some spare mats to loan out just in case.

Hope to see you in Mogust 2019.
Take care.
Cell: 971.241.2458

Re: Northwest MogFest 2019: Celebrating 20 years!!!

Posted: Sun Aug 04, 2019 4:26 pm
by Jim Molloy
Hello to all!
Update on NWMF 2019.
Valley of the Giants cannot be reached by motorized vehicles at this point. Gates across private forest land are locked tight due to fire danger. we will have plenty of opportunity to play on the farm.

Something special has been added.

Only eleven days to go although we already have guests on site helping with the prep. It accelerates from this point on.

Take care.
Jim Molloy
Waldersee Farm