Kokopelli loop trail run

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Kokopelli loop trail run

Post by krick3tt » Tue May 19, 2015 11:09 am

A group I am involved with in Denver (Rocky Mountain Overland) is running the Kokopelli Grand Loop over Memorial weekend.

We are meeting in Fruita, CO at noon on Thursday the 21st at the Rabbit Valley Campground. There are at least five trucks (not Pinzgauers) leaving from Denver Thursday morning. I will be the only pinz making this trip. Others will be joining at RVC and several more joining in Moab for the return loop. Also not Pinzgauers.

First part of the trail will end in Moab on Saturday and meet for lunch at Pantele's. We will then return on the loop to approximately the beginning to then return to Denver.

I have not taken this adventure before so I cannot comment on trail details at this time, except today that the Delores River is currently running at approx. 8.5 feet, so the river crossing is out and an alternate will be used.

This is just a comment on the upcoming trip and if there are any pinnzies in the area that might want to join in, I think you would be welcome...at least from my point of view.

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