Importation Tax into USA

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Green machine
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Importation Tax into USA

Post by Green machine » Mon Sep 09, 2019 7:34 pm


Im a long time reader of the forum and enthusiast of the C303. I’ve been fortunate enough to ride in these great trucks and would love to own one.
I’ve been researching the importation of a C303 into the states and learning about ownership in all the pages here.

Are there people that have experience importing c303’s or Pinzgauer that have paid the import duties here? I’m confused and concerned about the grey area of the “mpv” auto at 2.5% and the “chicken” truck tax at 25%. In my budget the difference between a tbd11 being a giant Volvo station wagon and a truck is a deal breaker. I called and talked to A customs officer who couldn’t be more vague on the subject. If there are people the can share there experience that would be very much appreciated. I hope to jump into my own Volvo soon.

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Re: Importation Tax into USA

Post by yano » Fri Sep 13, 2019 8:28 pm

Hi , just imported my C304 from France last tuesday (delivery monday YAY !)
To go around taxes there are not many ways ... own the truck for more than a year .
And bring it as personal belonging in an oversea moving .
I knew it , bought it 2 years ago , stored it , loaded it in a 20 footer container early august , cleared US customs for nada .
Did it 2 years ago with a suzuki LJ81 and a nissan figaro free .
It must be written somewhere tho .

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