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Importation Tax into USA

Posted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 7:34 pm
by Green machine

Im a long time reader of the forum and enthusiast of the C303. I’ve been fortunate enough to ride in these great trucks and would love to own one.
I’ve been researching the importation of a C303 into the states and learning about ownership in all the pages here.

Are there people that have experience importing c303’s or Pinzgauer that have paid the import duties here? I’m confused and concerned about the grey area of the “mpv” auto at 2.5% and the “chicken” truck tax at 25%. In my budget the difference between a tbd11 being a giant Volvo station wagon and a truck is a deal breaker. I called and talked to A customs officer who couldn’t be more vague on the subject. If there are people the can share there experience that would be very much appreciated. I hope to jump into my own Volvo soon.

Re: Importation Tax into USA

Posted: Fri Sep 13, 2019 8:28 pm
by yano
Hi , just imported my C304 from France last tuesday (delivery monday YAY !)
To go around taxes there are not many ways ... own the truck for more than a year .
And bring it as personal belonging in an oversea moving .
I knew it , bought it 2 years ago , stored it , loaded it in a 20 footer container early august , cleared US customs for nada .
Did it 2 years ago with a suzuki LJ81 and a nissan figaro free .
It must be written somewhere tho .

Re: Importation Tax into USA

Posted: Wed Sep 18, 2019 9:27 pm
by Green machine

Wow, I’m not sure I could park a brand new to me C303 in garage and wait out the taxes. My hats off to you. If I end up buying a European C303 I’ll probably check vessel tracking daily and show up to the port a day early just in case!

Seriously, thank you for the input.

Re: Importation Tax into USA

Posted: Thu Sep 19, 2019 7:15 pm
by yano
Hey ,
I will post pix here and there soon .
Do not track the boat !
Track the container ... i had nightmares when i have seen the ship it was loaded on going to South Africa instead of West .
Then emailed the shipping company that told me it was on dock in Portugal waiting for another ship going from Egypt to Miami . :wink:
Well i didn't wait on purpose really . The timing of green card , selling of the house , job promotion and other key elements lined up this way .
I sure liked it :D

Re: Importation Tax into USA

Posted: Sat Dec 21, 2019 11:40 pm
by ExpeditionImports
If the difference between being able to afford the vehicle and not is based upon the possible tariff rate differences....don't do it. If your budget is that tight, what happens if customs flags the vehicle and wants a steam clean, or if containerized, an intensive exam. Unfortunately, NOTHING with US customs is set in stone. Importation has risks....that go right along with the rewards.

Tariffs are actually one of the areas that are not that risky as you can file for a customs ruling before you actually import. Then you will know for sure. However, it can be a double edged sword as once you have a customs ruling, that WILL be what it comes in under.

Then make sure to read up on your marine insurance. Some REALLY funky rules can apply: ... re-274124/

General Average - Wow - My 100K container of goods was shipped onboard. Ship has catastrophe. In order to get my 100K, I must pay out 54K! :) And yes, I am sure those shippers never dreamed there would ever be a major catastrophe.

It is all about Risk/Reward. People do it all the time with great success, but don't fool yourself and think that there are not some really good horror stories.