New High-Lift tree strap - highly recommended

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New High-Lift tree strap - highly recommended

Post by VinceAtReal4x4s » Tue Jun 09, 2020 12:49 am

It was time for a new and better tree strap. There are limited choices of brands of straps that I believe can be trusted. I've personally only used US Cargo Control, ARB or Bubba Rope. Most others are made in China which isn't something I will go for. These are either Australian (who make some of the best 4x4 gear on earth) or USA made.

New to me was an old name in off-road equipment, Hi-Lift! They make straps? I found their 15ft tree strap on ebay and went for it, and for only around $29! US made.

This thing is very impressive. It's 15ft long instead of the typical 6-10ft and 3" wide. It's double layer, with tons of stitching and folded loops with additional protection that fit in shackles much easier, and the loops are treated with a reflective coating.

Don't confuse a purpose built tree-strap or lifting type strap with a snatch/tow-strap. A tree or lifting strap should not have give in it, where your typical, well built tow rope/strap or snatch-strap will have a rubberband effect which allows for much better vehicle-to-vehicle extraction, and can allow a smaller car to pull out a heavier one.
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