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Post by GrandMesaPinz » Tue Jul 07, 2020 6:35 pm


I just purchased a 710M and I have a lot to learn. I have already read several of the posts and they are very informative. There are a few items I want to work on first and they are as follows.

I want to replace all the fluids; engine, transmission, transfer cases and portal hubs. Can you tell me what type of fluid I should use for each?

I need to go through the brake system. It takes 3 full pedal travels before I get any pressure. I read that the parts are readily available. Can I go to Napa and get parts or do I need to go to a specialty place?

How do I tell if I have a Swiss version or Austrian version?

And lastly I need to work on my lights. I am thinking of buying a rear lens kit that is 24V LED and it has Amber, Red and White for backup. It has a five wire connection and I was wondering if this will work with the Pinz?
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Post by BobbyD » Tue Jul 07, 2020 10:49 pm

Welcome aboard! Below I am quoting...

Besides Austrian Pinzes having fuses vs circuit breakers in the Swiss, the tail lamp setup is totally different in that the Swiss used tail lamps and combined turn/brake indicators ( also for the trailer socket). The Austrian use independent bulbs for each function (tail, turn, stop) and the trailer socket the same requiring 5 wires.

The headlamp guards have a horizontal bar that also has a rubber bumper to protect the glass if you set the windshield against before putting the frame into the spring loaded bracket that support the windshield in the down position. IF you want to see something totally bizarre, look at a 716M or 718M that use hinges at the base of the windshield and support stay bars mounted to the sides of the windshield frame to keep the frame from hitting the radiator shroud

Look here and here for more...
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