Pinzgauer support mission near Detroit.

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Pinzgauer support mission near Detroit.

Post by Andre » Mon Oct 26, 2020 11:19 am

I hope this message finds everyone well in this mess we call 2020. Business has been non stop and growing, COVID be dammed. Because of my work load, I have not made any plans to do a service tour to any specific location in the near future. That being said, I am reaching out to the mid west community for assistance.
I’ve recently been contacted by a Ca. transplant that is seeking assistance with her Pinzgauer.
Her 710m was serviced regularly at Goatwerks while it resided in San Diego. But now it resides outside Detroit and she needs help getting familiar with it’s operation and upkeep while she makes it HERS.
I’m looking for owners/volunteers that would be willing to thoroughly inspect her truck, walk her through regular service checks, guide her in winterizing procedures, proper operation, and point out any mechanical issues that may limit full functionality.
I would consider it a personal favor if this could be done for me. PM or reach me at or text to 951-765-7224

Thank you in advance, levers down.
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Re: Pinzgauer support mission near Detroit.

Post by Jim Molloy » Tue Oct 27, 2020 3:33 pm

You live two hours from DFW. There are at least five daily direct flights from DFW to Detroit and back. The earliest departs Dallas at 6am CST and arrives Detroit at 9:30am EST. Seems to me that you could catch an early flight, have this person pick you up at the airport in her Pinz 710 and you could perform a diagnostic drive back to her place. Have her do the winterization procedures with your guidance and discuss what may be needed in the future over the next few hours. She drops you off at the airport and you fly back to Texas. Is it worth one day of your life to know that this Pinzgauer owner had all questions answered and her truck is now optimized by her and YOU together She may even be willing to foot the bill for your travel expenses.
Just one option to consider.

Jim Molloy
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