Hoop cross bars question ... and a suggestion

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Hoop cross bars question ... and a suggestion

Post by nelsonamen »

On my 6 passenger (long body) Haf, there is about 11 inches extra between the rear door hinges and the front door latches. This is compared to the Pathfinder that I sold, which has no room there. So the hoop just behind the roll bar has 2 horizontal cross members that go forward, but have no attachment point onto the roll bar. Normal? Perhaps they attach to a lighter hoop when not using the roll bar? See photos, and thanks for your help. No luck while going through my illustrated parts manuals looking for a solution.

In addition, the parts manuals call for rubber grommets when assembling the side panels and hoops to control vibration/rattles. Those are long gone but ..... wait for it .... (!) .... I found a great inexpensive substitute to use where the long body pegs stab into the holes. See my attached photo. Readily available at Home Depot in the garden section. Sweet.

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Re: Hoop cross bars question ... and a suggestion

Post by Riptide »

Are all the hoops the same? It looks like the main hoop has some bolt hole bosses on the inside; maybe those align with a different hoop...
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Re: Hoop cross bars question ... and a suggestion

Post by Heinkeljb »

The Haflinger would have been selected with the option for full length canvas cover and four doors when purchased and the factory would have used the correct hoops and side bars and the main hoop would have had the bracket welded on the correct places for those short steady bars to be fitted.

Mine was only ordered with the short cabin canvas so also does not have the required mounting brackets even though the main hoop os a round tube rather than the square tube as shown in the picture.

If you want to fit the full length canvas using those hoops and steady bars, you will have to manufacture mounting brackets and weld them on yourself.


P.S. the existing bolt holes half way up the main hoop are for the top mounting point of the seat belts that were also optional extras. The top mounting brackets are for the forward bracing arms from the main hoop to the top of the windscreen.
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Re: Hoop cross bars question ... and a suggestion

Post by Joeri »

Well i think the square bar is typical found on pathfinders as the round bar was most found on European and uk haflingers.
So could be that is was a safty issue for the us/ canadian marked same as the headlights :roll:
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