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Re: US Ford transit wheels fit the 712k!!!!!

Posted: Mon Mar 23, 2020 9:10 pm
by rmel
Actually, thread engagement on these Transit wheels is marginal.
Somewhat of a off topic thread on that here :

The Pinz studs just fall a wee bit too short for cone lugs. The question would be
why does a Ball seat not have an engagement problem but the cone seat does.
The answer is that a Ball seat (as per Pinz and Porche), has a force profile directed
to the surface of the wheel. The wheel and drum are flat surfaces in direct contact.
Whereas the Cone seat does not. The cone penetrates into the wheel applying a
lateral force around the stud. To make that work properly wheels machined for
cone lugs have a raised profile between the wheel and drum -- the amount of
the raised surface subtracts directly from thread engagement and that is in the
ballpark of 4 to 5mm or two threads. Thus longer studs should be used.

Again, it's a case where this is right at the edge. Will it work -- maybe, will it
fail -- maybe.